E-Poetry 2013 Kingston-London Thamesian Confluence at High Tide!

“Truly E-Poetry 2013 moved us a step forward. There was a freedom to the pieces, a variety, a freshness, a re-examination of intertwined media — focused not only on media forbearers but on fresh touch, clear vision, openness, acceptance — nuances open, communal, within technologies but further reaching than technologies alone could do.”




E-Poetry 2013 Kingston-London, unprecedented, unbelievable, all aboard, moving forward, up and beyond, multiple voices, an interlaced chord of intersecting ideas. Spectacular moments. Quite marvelous revelations.

It was really a place to be. That festival spirit that nurtures and allows us to bring forth exuberant articulations of vision. Arcades of observation. Ever-deepened folds of communication across cultures, forms, and formats.

E-Poetry 2013 jubilantly advanced the previous festival, E-Poetry 2011 Buffalo, the opening of the horizon of practice. (For those who did not attend in 2011, a door was opened. Mediums were merged, nuances of gender, culture, and genre were embraced, a vision of diverse lights and celebration shone in dazzling ways. The 2011 light so clear, so culturally open, so diverse in ideas of practice, you’d have to wear Google glasses to miss it!)

Then … preparing for E-Poetry 2013 ……

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