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In a piece, Self Publishing Is Going to Just Get Bigger, Embrace It, on his Brave New World‘ blog, Martyn Daniels explores the expansion of the market for eBooks:

“The world has changed and the true democratisation of creativity is upon us and this has been enabled by the internet and means that we can all write, make videos, take pictures, create games and make music. Forget the quality issue the fact is that this explosion of material is changing the way we now create, develop, market and value stuff. This genie is not going back in the lamp and we now have to realise that there will be more not less and that new consumer values will change all and that the creator rewards will be different.”

The true extent of this ‘democratisation of creativity’ is clearly open to debate, but new forms of relationship between creator and consumer are inevitable and should be embraced and explored…




Just Imagine: Poetry and Aesthetic Embodiment

“Poetry is the universal art of the spirit which has become free in itself and which is not tied down for its realization to external sensuous material; instead, it launches out exclusively in the inner space and the inner time of ideas and feelings.”

The Narrative Escape

An eBook on the psychological significance of narrative…

Mind Hacks

Please excuse me if I interrupt Vaughan’s normal programming to blow my own trumpet: My ebook “ The Narrative Escape ” was published yesterday by 40k books . ‘The Narrative Escape’ is a long essay about morality, psychology and stories and is availble in Kindle format. From the ebook blurb:

We instinctively tell stories about our experiences, and get lost in stories told by other people. This is an essay about our story-telling minds. It is about the psychological power of stories, and about what the ability to enjoy stories tells us about the fundamental nature of mind.

My argument in ‘The Narrative Escape’ begins by exploring Stanley Milgram’s famous experiments on obedience, looking at them as an example of moral decision making – particularly for that minority that choose to disobey in the experiment. A fascinating thing about these experiments is that although they tell us a lot…

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Listening For The Past

A piece from my historical blog that is, I think, relevant …

Wandering & Wondering

Shima, The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures, Volume 5 Number 1 2011 contains an essay by Cathy Lane with links to the audio pieces she composed as a result of the research she undertook:

I like to think of what I am trying to do as ‘docu-music’…(which) can be defined as works using sound materials which have recognisable real world associations and roots…

The intention of docu-music is to build up a sense of meaning, history and place through sonic association in order to relate to the world outside the composition.”

Cathy’s essay and accompanying compositions, ‘Tweed’ and ‘On the Machair’, provide an interesting read about (and artistic interpretation of) island culture.

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