eBooks and the expansion of self-publishing…


In a piece, Self Publishing Is Going to Just Get Bigger, Embrace It, on his Brave New World‘ blog, Martyn Daniels explores the expansion of the market for eBooks:

“The world has changed and the true democratisation of creativity is upon us and this has been enabled by the internet and means that we can all write, make videos, take pictures, create games and make music. Forget the quality issue the fact is that this explosion of material is changing the way we now create, develop, market and value stuff. This genie is not going back in the lamp and we now have to realise that there will be more not less and that new consumer values will change all and that the creator rewards will be different.”

The true extent of this ‘democratisation of creativity’ is clearly open to debate, but new forms of relationship between creator and consumer are inevitable and should be embraced and explored…




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