Formatting Poetry and Lyrics for the Kindle

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LiberWriter - Friendly, Easy Kindle Publishing

In many cases, people get worried about the formatting of their Kindle books when they shouldn’t be: it’s best to keep it simple and let people focus on your writing.  The default format provided by the device is something Amazon has tested with numerous people in order to make the default ‘just right’.  Of course, there are technical details like a table of contents and navigation that are trickier, and do merit a bit of attention (LiberWriter makes them very easy, though).

However, poetry and lyrics don’t work very well unless they’re laid out with the line breaks in the right place, and visually distinct from the rest of the text.  You may also want to write an attribution at the bottom, which should also stand out.  Here’s how to quickly and easily format a poem or song lyrics in LiberWriter, as well as the generated HTML, for those…

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