Video Poetry for Groundzero 2013


Video of photos and poetry recited, created for the opening of the gallery Groundzero in Albenga, Italy, in the spring 2013.
Poems are read from the following collections: Poe-m-try, Morning Visions and Strings by Anna Mosca. Tracks and voice Anna Mosca. Photos by Anna Mosca. Editing Mirela Burca

© Anna Mosca

Video di foto e poesia recitata, creato per l’apertura della galleria Groundzero in Albenga (SV), nella primavera del 2013.
Le poesie lette sono delle seguenti raccolte: Poe-m-try, Morning Visions, e Strings di Anna Mosca. Traccie e voce Anna Mosca. Foto di Anna Mosca. Montaggio foto di Mirella Burca.

© Anna Mosca

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Microfinance and Indie Writers

Food for thought…

John Walters

I pay my bills by ghostwriting Internet articles. This morning while my youngest son prepared for school I was doing some preliminary research for my first article of the day. It concerned the microcredit revolution begun in Bangladesh by Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, and how microcredit is now being implemented in America to help low-income entrepreneurs start or continue their businesses.

I read a few articles, and then I took a break to walk my son partway to school.  I don’t really have to do it; the school is close and he is well able to go the distance alone, but we enjoy the walk together in the morning.  It was beautiful outside.  The air still held a hint of coolness but the sun was warming things up.  Birds were singing and the colors of the early summer grass, trees, and flowers were sharp and clear.  My son turned…

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Meanwhile, 300 years ago…

Having to some extent shaken itself free from the cramping influences of monopolies and State interference, the output of the English printing press at the commencement of the eighteenth century had almost doubled that of thirty or forty years before, and presses were now at work in various parts of the kingdom

p229, A Short History of English Printing 1476 -1898, Henry R Plomer 1900