Sounds of the Neolithic Workshop with Colfox School

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SATSYMPH & Sounds of the Neolithic [1&2] APP 1 Abbotsbury area



Project: SDR-B11 – The South Dorset Ridgeway GPS-Soundscape

On Tuesday 11 Feb SATSYMPH held our first Sounds of the Neolithic workshop day with 8 young people from Colfox School, Bridport. We started off the day showing rather than telling how the technology works: we took the whole group to the garden in front of the Council House 10 min up the road where we had laid out material previously used for SATSYMPH-HERMES. We shared out the phones between the kids – and let them loose to ‘hunt out’ the soundpools. The technology and experience are very difficult to describe to people, so experience has shown us that’s it’s best first to just let people experience what it feels like in the real world to stumble across physically located pools of sound in an environment.



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