For some time now I have been seeking art-focussed GPS-triggered apps for smartphones and am particularly enamoured by SATSYMPH:

SATSYMPH LLP is composer and visual artist Marc Yeats; poet, writer and context-aware media director and producer, Ralph Hoyte; and coder, composer and audio engineer Phill Phelps.”

The trio create ‘context-aware soundworlds’ i.e.

…high quality contemporary soundscape experiences…triggered by GPS...”


Their elegant and adaptable creation has massive potential and what I particularly like about it is that downloaded content functions completely independently of the availability of a phone signal, rendering it especially useful in rural regions.

Full details can be found on the website, facebook and twitter:


Sound & Vision

The internet journal First Monday has an article by Annie Murray and Jared Wiercinski of Concordia University in Montreal, investigating ways of enhancing a spoken-word archive.

Their article, Looking at archival sound,  . concludes that visual enhancements can accentuate the listening experience, but also ask the such features may also be turned-off for a purer listening experience to be enjoyed.